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The New Century Lions club of EA was formed in 2000 and chartered in 2001.

The main reason for forming a New Century club was to allow younger members of the community, who wished to help within their community but were unable to commit to regular meetings or events, to join the Lions movement without feeling undue pressure to conform to the protocols of a traditional Lions club.

The New Century Lions club utilises modern technology, such as email, internet and mobile communications, to aid the running of the club. Members have to commit to attending 1 event, excluding the club charter anniversary, to retain membership. The 1 event attended can be any Lions related event and doesn't have to be associated with the New Century club, ie Lowestoft Carnival or Newmarket Car Show.

Club meetings are held on Saturdays whenever is practicable, and members are encouraged to attend if possible. Meeting locations vary throughtout the East Anglia region and are usually associated with a fundraising, welfare or social event.

Membership currently costs £5 per month.

If you would like any further information on the New Century Lions club of EA please feel free to contact us via the contact page.